Foundation Repair: Protecting Your Home’s Structural Integrity

foundation repair

Your home is your most important asset. It’s also where the heart is – where you live, where your family stays safe, where you welcome friends and family, and where you come together for celebrations. Be sure you are protecting your home’s structural integrity, so that you can avoid costly repairs for foundation repair and putting your loved ones at risk.  

Understanding the Signs of Foundation Problems 

Just like with your body’s health, being aware of key signs of foundation issues can protect your home’s health. Keep an eye out for:  

  • breakage in your exterior brickwork 
  • cracks around window and door frames 
  • cracks in the mortar between your bricks 
  • cracks in the foundation that are greater than 1/8 inch 
  • a sagging roofline 
  • bowing walls 
  • a leaning chimney 
  • a crooked garage frame 
  • sticking doors and windows 
  • cracking sheetrock  
  • gaps at the floor or ceiling 

Any of these could lead to home foundation problems. When you see these signs of foundation issues, it is likely that your home is settling, and the foundation is deteriorating. The sooner you act on what you see, the better.  

Causes of Foundation Problems 

Foundation damage is mainly caused by fluctuating moisture in the soil surrounding the slab. While trees and plants improve your home’s curb appeal some have extensive root systems that require large amounts of moisture, which can impact the integrity of your home’s foundation. This often happens slowly over time, so knowing the age of your home can be an important factor in determining home foundation problems.  

The Importance of Timely Foundation Repair 

Because home foundation problems can impact the structural integrity of your home, repairs can become pricey. That’s why is important to be proactive and resolve foundational damage as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more expensive foundation repair solutions can become.  

Should you choose to ignore the issue altogether, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars to replace a failing foundation wall, put your family’s health and safety at risk, and potentially negate your home’s value altogether.  

Professional Foundation Inspection/Repair 

Professionals from the H2O Proof & Foundation Repair team will examine the interior and exterior of the home for signs of foundation issues, including any cracks, water damage, or other issues with the foundation or surrounding area they may see.  

On-site at your home, we will also take some time to examine all of the walls, floors and doorways for anything that seems unstable or troubling. Once we have evaluated your home, we can recommend the right solution to protect your most important asset and address your foundation repair needs.  

Our foundation repair solutions include installing wall anchors, floor supports, and other services to provide foundation stabilization for your home. These quality, affordable solutions that last use a push pier and/or helical pier system to repair foundation issues. Our pier systems are hot-dipped in galvanized steel to add additional corrosion protection and an extended life expectancy. 

When you call the experienced team at H2O Proof & Foundation Repair, you save time, money, and heartache. We believe in doing things right the first time and value relationships with our customers. That’s why we craft every foundation repair solution to last. 

Shannon “Red” Logan


Red is a hands-on leader with more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Born and raised in Acworth, he is an amazing example of a Georgia boy who grew from the ground up in construction. Red landed his first job at 15 as a block mason’s assistant – carrying blocks and helping to build foundations. By 17, he was building homes side by side with his father – a job he enjoyed for 12 years. He also spent four years as a fabricator in a machine shop. By 29, he went to work for Eric’s father at H2O Proof & Foundation Repair.


During his time here, Red has learned everything there is to know about both pre- and post-construction waterproofing. His experience as a fabricator has also proved invaluable. Thanks to his understanding of the fabrication of components for structural lifting, we brought fabrication in-house at H2O – which has led to cost savings for our clients. Not only is he an excellent asset to our company, but also to the residential and business clients we serve.

Eric Collett


From the age of 10, this second-generation waterproofer from Cumming, GA virtually grew up in the foundation business. His father, Rick Collett, launched H2O Proof & Foundation Repair in 2004. Every chance he got, Eric would follow his father to job sites, and – as he got older – would help the crew repair foundation walls and waterproof to earn pocket money. After graduating from South Forsyth High School, he began working in the family business full-time – believing that hands-on experience is the best education you can receive in this industry. After being in the field for eight years, Eric transitioned to a project management role where he oversaw crews, analyzed issues, and proposed solutions on a wide variety of pre-and post-construction waterproofing and foundation repair jobs. His project expertise ranged from homeowners having foundation issues and investors flipping homes to commercial developers and builders of new construction homes.


Boasting nearly 25 years of experience in structural lifting and foundation repairs, Eric has also been trained and certified on the restoration side of the industry. He is proud of the fact that the company his dad launched, and Eric continues to grow today has helped everyone from families to large corporations all over the Southeast stay dry and safe in their homes and businesses. He credits the fact that his company is based on its own firm foundation of long-standing relationships, industry knowledge, and unwavering integrity for H2O Proof & Foundation Repair’s success.

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