7 Common Signs of Foundation Problems

While no homeowner wants to discover the home of their dreams has foundation issues, early detection and intervention could prove critical – saving you thousands of dollars and, in some cases, saving your home. Much like going to the dentist twice a year and your general practitioner once a year for a routine checkup, you may want to get in the habit of exploring your home in search of telltale signs of foundation issues. Because most foundation problems are caused by water, you should plan these investigations either seasonally or following any major storms to check for damage. Other common causes of foundation issues include a naturally occurring sinkhole, the soil beneath your foundation has dried out and is no longer providing a firm base, improper drainage that leads to soil erosion around the perimeter of your home, and a foundation that wasn’t properly constructed in the first place. 

No matter the culprit, the experts at H2O Proof & Foundation Repair have pulled together a list of 7 common signs to determine whether or not your foundation may be compromised. So, grab a flashlight, a pen and a pad of paper for taking note of potential indicators and let’s go:

Search for Cracks 

One of the most common signs of potential foundation issues, if you witness diagonal cracks on your interior walls or on the chimney, stairstep cracks between the brick and mortar of your home’s exterior, or you can plainly see a crack in your concrete foundation in the basement, crawl space or garage slab, your next call should be to H2O Proof & Foundation Repair to schedule a full FREE INSPECTION.

Look for Gaps in Windows and Doors

Another telltale sign of a possible foundation problem are gaps between the frame of your windows and doors. If your foundation is unstable, it may cause parts of your home to dip instead of remaining flush. You may have a much bigger issue on your hands than windows that stick or doors that fail to latch.

Check Your Home’s Exterior and Interior for a Sagging Roof and Leaks

That unstable foundation – as mentioned above – may also impact the integrity of your roof by causing a shift in the timber frame beneath the shingles. Just as it may be difficult for your window and doors to remain flush to their frames, your roof may start to sag and fail to protect your home in spots during rainstorms. If you notice sagging in your roofline from the exterior or signs of a roof leak on the interior, it may be a foundation issue and not merely a roof integrity issue.

Keep an Eye Out for a Crooked Garage Frame

If your home is on a slab, one of the first places that is likely to show signs of a problem with your foundation is your garage. In addition to cracks in the concrete floor, check to see if your garage frame has shifted at all. If it is crooked, schedule a FREE INSPECTION with H2O Proof & Foundation Repair as soon as possible.

Search for Separations in Your Exterior Trim

This item on your checklist is similar to your inspection of the garage door frame. As you explore the exterior of your home, be on the lookout for gaps between the spots where two pieces of trim should meet as well as places where the trim appears to be pulling away from the siding. While you’re out there, also look for soil erosion around your home and patio.

Watch for Bowing Walls

Often, before the drywall begins to crack, your interior walls may show signs of bowing. That bowing may be largely unseen, causing wall art to hang crookedly, bathroom and kitchen cabinets to shift, and trim work to pull away from the wall. In some instances, you can see it easily with the naked eye. Try standing in a door frame and looking down the adjacent wall for signs of waving or bowing.

Check for Water Pooling in the Basement

Some cracks in your foundation may be in spots you can’t see. If you notice water pooling in spots in the basement after a storm, that’s a fairly clear indicator that your foundation may be compromised. Call upon the experienced team at H2O Proof & Foundation Repair for a FREE INSPECTION.

While all of the above may seem a bit tedious, the structural integrity of your home is at stake. If you’re not comfortable conducting regular investigations of potential foundation issues, you can always tap the experts at H2O Proof & Foundation Repair to do it on your behalf. Your first inspection will not only be thorough, but it will also be conducted at no cost to you. To schedule your FREE INSPECTION, call 678-426-8618, email info@h2o-proof.net, or fill out our online contact form. To learn about our full range of services and financing options, visit www.h2o-proof.net. 

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Shannon “Red” Logan


Red is a hands-on leader with more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Born and raised in Acworth, he is an amazing example of a Georgia boy who grew from the ground up in construction. Red landed his first job at 15 as a block mason’s assistant – carrying blocks and helping to build foundations. By 17, he was building homes side by side with his father – a job he enjoyed for 12 years. He also spent four years as a fabricator in a machine shop. By 29, he went to work for Eric’s father at H2O Proof & Foundation Repair.


During his time here, Red has learned everything there is to know about both pre- and post-construction waterproofing. His experience as a fabricator has also proved invaluable. Thanks to his understanding of the fabrication of components for structural lifting, we brought fabrication in-house at H2O – which has led to cost savings for our clients. Not only is he an excellent asset to our company, but also to the residential and business clients we serve.

Eric Collett


From the age of 10, this second-generation waterproofer from Cumming, GA virtually grew up in the foundation business. His father, Rick Collett, launched H2O Proof & Foundation Repair in 2004. Every chance he got, Eric would follow his father to job sites, and – as he got older – would help the crew repair foundation walls and waterproof to earn pocket money. After graduating from South Forsyth High School, he began working in the family business full-time – believing that hands-on experience is the best education you can receive in this industry. After being in the field for eight years, Eric transitioned to a project management role where he oversaw crews, analyzed issues, and proposed solutions on a wide variety of pre-and post-construction waterproofing and foundation repair jobs. His project expertise ranged from homeowners having foundation issues and investors flipping homes to commercial developers and builders of new construction homes.


Boasting nearly 25 years of experience in structural lifting and foundation repairs, Eric has also been trained and certified on the restoration side of the industry. He is proud of the fact that the company his dad launched, and Eric continues to grow today has helped everyone from families to large corporations all over the Southeast stay dry and safe in their homes and businesses. He credits the fact that his company is based on its own firm foundation of long-standing relationships, industry knowledge, and unwavering integrity for H2O Proof & Foundation Repair’s success.

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