Ensuring a Dry and Healthy Home: Crawl Space Repair in Metro Atlanta with H2O-Proof

crawl space repair

Crawl spaces are probably the most common “out of sight, out of mind” elements of our homes. They are unfinished, narrow spaces between the ground and the first floor, and are small, by definition. You must get on your hands and knees to access them.  

So, if they are so small and out of the way, why do crawl spaces matter? Because of being ignored and thanks to our humid Southern climate, crawl spaces often incur moisture issues, which can lead serious problems for your home. This is why crawl space waterproofing in Atlanta is so important.  

Understanding the Role of the Crawl Space 

A cheaper option than a basement, crawl spaces raise your home off the ground and away from the damp soil, which is key to your home’s long-term health. Crawl spaces also make space for laying duct work and plumbing pipes, allowing for easy access to those pipes in instances when they need to be serviced. Crawl spaces also give your home additional room for storage for items you don’t need on a regular basis.  

However, while crawl spaces do have these benefits, you have to be aware of crawl space repair options to keep this portion of your home dry to prevent, often unseen, issues that can negatively impact your home’s structure and the health and well-being of your family. If left untreated for several years, crawl spaces in need of repair can lead to even more costly concerns such as flooding, warped floors, damaged structural supports, cracks in your chimney, and more.  

The Importance of Moisture Control 

Keeping your crawl space dry is the most important element of crawl space repair. Crawl space encapsulation in Atlanta is a good option for moisture control. Crawl space encapsulation with H20 Proof uses a patented system that creates a moisture-proof vapor barrier that stops water intrusion, blocks moisture seepage, controls humidity, and creates extra space for storage in your crawl space.  

Other crawl space repair options include vapor barrier installation, sump pump installation, dehumidifier installation, drainage installation, and insulation. All of these crawl space waterproofing services in Atlanta can be performed by our knowledgeable and caring team. With a properly waterproofed crawl space, your home and family will be protected, and you can rest easy.  

Maintaining a Healthy Crawl Space 

A dry crawl space is a healthy crawl space. Without having to actually enter your crawl space, you can look for signs that you might need crawl space repair. Pest infestations, increased moisture, signs of mold, musty smells, and humidity inside your home are all clues that you may have moisture issues in your crawl space and need crawl space repair in Atlanta. If left unchecked, moisture problems can spread and cause whole-house damage and compromised air quality inside your home.  

We are proud to offer crawl space repair in Atlanta to families in 15 counties, including Cherokee County, Pickens County, Paulding County, Cobb County, Gilmer County, Fulton County, Floyd County, Fannin County, DeKalb County, Douglas County, Bartow County, and Forsyth County. We are here to help you! Simply contact us and one of our highly-trained foundation experts will come to you for a free evaluation and estimate.  

Shannon “Red” Logan


Red is a hands-on leader with more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Born and raised in Acworth, he is an amazing example of a Georgia boy who grew from the ground up in construction. Red landed his first job at 15 as a block mason’s assistant – carrying blocks and helping to build foundations. By 17, he was building homes side by side with his father – a job he enjoyed for 12 years. He also spent four years as a fabricator in a machine shop. By 29, he went to work for Eric’s father at H2O Proof & Foundation Repair.


During his time here, Red has learned everything there is to know about both pre- and post-construction waterproofing. His experience as a fabricator has also proved invaluable. Thanks to his understanding of the fabrication of components for structural lifting, we brought fabrication in-house at H2O – which has led to cost savings for our clients. Not only is he an excellent asset to our company, but also to the residential and business clients we serve.

Eric Collett


From the age of 10, this second-generation waterproofer from Cumming, GA virtually grew up in the foundation business. His father, Rick Collett, launched H2O Proof & Foundation Repair in 2004. Every chance he got, Eric would follow his father to job sites, and – as he got older – would help the crew repair foundation walls and waterproof to earn pocket money. After graduating from South Forsyth High School, he began working in the family business full-time – believing that hands-on experience is the best education you can receive in this industry. After being in the field for eight years, Eric transitioned to a project management role where he oversaw crews, analyzed issues, and proposed solutions on a wide variety of pre-and post-construction waterproofing and foundation repair jobs. His project expertise ranged from homeowners having foundation issues and investors flipping homes to commercial developers and builders of new construction homes.


Boasting nearly 25 years of experience in structural lifting and foundation repairs, Eric has also been trained and certified on the restoration side of the industry. He is proud of the fact that the company his dad launched, and Eric continues to grow today has helped everyone from families to large corporations all over the Southeast stay dry and safe in their homes and businesses. He credits the fact that his company is based on its own firm foundation of long-standing relationships, industry knowledge, and unwavering integrity for H2O Proof & Foundation Repair’s success.

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