A Solid Start: Understanding and Addressing Foundation Cracks in Walls

Foundation crack repair

Your house is more than just bricks and mortar, wood and sheetrock. It’s the structure that gives you shelter and keeps your family safe. It’s the space in which you make memories with friends and family and decompress after a long day at work. That’s why it’s so important to take care of it from the ground up and that includes being aware of signs of foundation issues. 

The Role of Foundations 

Foundations are literally the support for a home. The main purpose is to keep your house upright. Technically speaking, it does this by: 

  • Providing stability 
  • Distributing the load or weight of the structure to a larger surface area  
  • Preventing settlement of the structure 

In other words, without a foundation, your house would start to sink into the ground, especially in North Georgia where clay makes up a large percentage of the soil. A properly built foundation will maintain the integrity of your home, preventing cracks and keeping moisture outside.  

Types of Foundation Cracks 

Even with proper construction and well-built foundations, settling can occur over time creating cracks in a home’s foundation. There are 10 common types of foundation cracks to be aware of, but not all are serious signs of foundation issues.  

Of severe concern and in need of immediate professional foundation repair are Horizontal and Structural cracks.  

The other eight types of foundation cracks are: 

  • Stair Step Cracks 
  • Hairline Cracks 
  • Vertical Cracks 
  • Diagonal Cracks 
  • Shrinkage Cracks 
  • Foundation Slab Cracks 
  • Non-Structural Cracks 
  • Wet Non-Structural Cracks 

If you see a crack, seek the advice of reliable foundation inspection contractors. Properly identifying the crack is key to understanding how big of a problem you have, how quickly it needs to be fixed and the type of foundation crack repair you need.   

Causes of Foundation Cracks 

Different types of foundation cracks are caused by different things. The most common culprit in Georgia is our humid climate, which leads to seasonal changes in soil saturation. The shifts in the ground underneath or near your home’s foundation can erode making the foundation bow or crack.  

Other causes of foundation cracks are: 

  • Poor construction 
  • Natural events such as storms or flooding 
  • Inadequate drainage 
  • Plumbing leaks 
  • Large trees  

Signs of Potential Issues 

Visible cracks are the primary signs of foundation issues. Hairlines cracks inside might not be a huge cause for concern, but larger cracks can be signs of potential problems that require foundation crack repair.  

Cracks are not the only clues that you may have foundation problems with your property. Bowing walls, uneven floors, windows and/or doors that stick, and drywall nail pops are all signals that you should call a reliable foundation inspection contractor to check out your home’s foundation.  

Consequences of Neglecting Cracks 

Cracks that you can see are a sign of more significant problems under your home’s foundation. The longer you wait to figure out the problem and repair it, the more extensive the issue can become. More work means not only more expense for you, but it also puts your family’s safety at risk. When you see signs of foundation issues, don’t put off looking into the problem and getting it properly fixed. 

DIY vs. Professional Foundation Repair 

Some types of foundation cracks can be fixed with a kit you can purchase online or at a home improvement store. However, if larger than ¼ inch wide, you should have the cracks looked at by reliable foundation inspection contractors before deciding on a repair method.  

Based on the expert advice you receive, you can determine if professional foundation repair is required. The benefits of using professionals for foundation crack repair are: 

  • Knowledge – Our team has seen it all and can troubleshoot on site as needed. 
  • Timeline – All we do at H2OProof is repair foundations, so we can get the job done efficiently and effectively. 
  • Work Quality – We have all the right tools, skills and expertise to repair your foundation properly. 
  • Safety – Don’t risk the integrity of your home’s structure and long-term viability with a DIY repair job.  
  • Trust – We care about our work and your family. H2O Proof guarantees our work because we believe it in and so can you! 

Choosing Reliable Contractors 

Finding a reputable company to complete your foundation crack repair is important for your peace of mind, as well as the long-term health of your home. Here are a few things to consider when choosing reliable foundation contractors: 

  • Experience. Ask them: How long have you been in the industry? How many homes have you worked on? 
  • Ask Friends and Neighbors. Find out about experiences others have had. 
  • Accreditations and Licenses. Be sure the company that you are considering has insurance and certifications for the repairs they will be doing at your home.  
  • Customer Service. A company’s customer service is often reflective of the quality of their work. At H2OProof, we take customer service seriously and will often be able to conduct our site visit and free estimate within 24 hours of your inquiry.  

Shannon “Red” Logan


Red is a hands-on leader with more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Born and raised in Acworth, he is an amazing example of a Georgia boy who grew from the ground up in construction. Red landed his first job at 15 as a block mason’s assistant – carrying blocks and helping to build foundations. By 17, he was building homes side by side with his father – a job he enjoyed for 12 years. He also spent four years as a fabricator in a machine shop. By 29, he went to work for Eric’s father at H2O Proof & Foundation Repair.


During his time here, Red has learned everything there is to know about both pre- and post-construction waterproofing. His experience as a fabricator has also proved invaluable. Thanks to his understanding of the fabrication of components for structural lifting, we brought fabrication in-house at H2O – which has led to cost savings for our clients. Not only is he an excellent asset to our company, but also to the residential and business clients we serve.

Eric Collett


From the age of 10, this second-generation waterproofer from Cumming, GA virtually grew up in the foundation business. His father, Rick Collett, launched H2O Proof & Foundation Repair in 2004. Every chance he got, Eric would follow his father to job sites, and – as he got older – would help the crew repair foundation walls and waterproof to earn pocket money. After graduating from South Forsyth High School, he began working in the family business full-time – believing that hands-on experience is the best education you can receive in this industry. After being in the field for eight years, Eric transitioned to a project management role where he oversaw crews, analyzed issues, and proposed solutions on a wide variety of pre-and post-construction waterproofing and foundation repair jobs. His project expertise ranged from homeowners having foundation issues and investors flipping homes to commercial developers and builders of new construction homes.


Boasting nearly 25 years of experience in structural lifting and foundation repairs, Eric has also been trained and certified on the restoration side of the industry. He is proud of the fact that the company his dad launched, and Eric continues to grow today has helped everyone from families to large corporations all over the Southeast stay dry and safe in their homes and businesses. He credits the fact that his company is based on its own firm foundation of long-standing relationships, industry knowledge, and unwavering integrity for H2O Proof & Foundation Repair’s success.

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